Practice Philosophy

Our practice philosophy stresses the importance of educating the patient regarding their foot problems and treatment options. Dr. Hutter feels that it is important that the patient understands their diagnosis and is able to make an informed decision on which treatment path they wish to take. Conservative treatment options are emphasized , keeping in mind that more aggressive surgical options can be employed if necessary.

The service that we provide you encompasses all phases of podiatric care. This starts out right away with your first visit to our office where our staff will help you through the process of billing and your insurance coverage. It continues with Dr. Hutter in your examination, with any testing if necessary, and in your consultation regarding examination findings, treatment options, and recommendations regarding definitive care. Treatment always includes the latest advances in podiatric care. Dr. Hutter borrows from the skills of the teacher, educating his patients and keeping in mind they are educating him as well. In this age of the internet, patients present with the desire to learn as much about their condition as possible. Dr. Hutter believes that time spent in this process further helps to develop the patient/doctor trust and also promotes better outcomes of treatment. He is always honest and forthright with his patients and keeps his patients involved in making decisions about their treatment.

He believes his patients appreciate his interest in their input, assured that he has their well-being in mind. We consider ourselves partners with you in providing a satisfactory resolution of your foot problem. We know that you have alternative choices in your selecting a podiatric office for your foot care, and appreciate your giving us the opportunity in providing this service to you.

  Plantar Fascitis runner1  
  Pain at the bottom of the heel bone pro-
gr essively worsening as weight is applied.
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  Ingrown Toenail Ingrown Toenail  
  A toenail corner that has become embedded into the skin
    Podiatrist Dr. Jack Hutter Healthy Lifestyle Tips  
  Mortons Neuroma Mortons Neuroma  
  Painful area between 3rd & 4th toes, sometimes between 2nd & 3rd toes
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