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Dr. Hutter's office is a provider in most fee-for-service health care plans, PPO's, HMO's, and accepts Medicare assignment. Our office is a diverse practice treating all types of foot problems. This includes heel and arch pain, heel spurs, plantar fascitis, ingrown toenails, fungus toenails, plantar warts, corns and calluses, bunions, hammertoes, neuromas, and sports related injuries.

Our office also provides diabetic foot care, in office surgical options, and wound care services. Dr. Hutter has surgical privileges at Memorial Hospital of Oconomowoc, Aurora Hospital Summit, Watertown Memorial Hospital, and St. Joseph's ambulatory surgery center in Milwaukee.

The Dr. Hutter is also a board certified pedorthist and maintains an on-site orthotic laboratory in his office where orthotic production, modification, and shoe gear adjustments can quickly be accomplished. Dr. Hutter also provides housecalls for those who not able to get out of the house.

  Toenail Fungus runner1  
  Toenails are thick, discolored, and loose. A slowly progressive condition of one or multiple toenails.
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  Plantar Warts runner1  
  Plantar Warts are a raised area of skin which are often painful and casue discomfort.
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  Heel Spurs are painful and take prominence on the back or bottom of the heel bone.
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